Thursday, 8 February 2018
Hem-stitching banding

Materials needed:
Length of banding
Basting thread
Co-ordinating thread

I usually hem-stitch my banding top and bottom before stitching my sampler but you can do this after you finish your project if you wish

Firstly trim the banding so the edge is straight

Working on the wrong side of the banding fold over the top edge to your required depth of the hem. Mine is ¼"

Fold over again and pin

Baste - I should have used a darker thread - I hope you can see this ok?

Remove two threads where the fold of the hem touches the main part and weave the ends into the hem

Now hem-stitch the folded edge using an away waste knot that can be removed at a later stage. Pick up three threads and pull snugly to open the holes. If you are using the hole-edged banding or lace-edged banding slip stitch both ends into place 

Here is the finished hem. Repeat the above steps to finish off the bottom end of your banding. Remember to mark the front of the banding so your hems are on the same side!

All of the above pictures can be enlarged for a closeup view by clicking on them. 

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