Sunday, 22 October 2017
Christmas Spool

Your stitched band
1 wood spool
Thread to match the linen banding
1 metre of chiffon ribbon
1 button with a shank

1 Press your stitched banding - you may care to put iron on interfacing on the back although I didn't.

2 Leave two threads from the stitching and stitch a row of back-stitches over 2 threads

3 Fold the banding at these stitches and then trim to 1cm

3 Wrap the banding around the spool, pin and join the backstitches together by picking up a stitch from each side. Finish off by losing the threads inside.

4 Make two bows from the ribbon. I used the fork method - there are loads of tutorials online of how to do this - wrap twice to get a double bow.

5 Thread the ribbon onto the shank of the button and knot together. Then thread the ribbon through the hole in the spool making sure you lose the knot inside the spool. 

6. Using thread to match your ribbon in your needle pass the thread though the first bow a couple of time and then through the double loops close to the spool. Pass the needle through the second bow and then back and forth a few times through the bows and the loop. Fasten off. Trim the ends of the ribbon bows.

You should now have a finished spool!

This design is called Christmas Spool 2017 and is available in kit form (custom made wood spool, chart and 4cm linen banding) for $25 plus p/p from iStitch Designs *here*

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