Sunday, 31 March 2013
Miniature Hornbook


Stitched piece
1 small  piece of card or skirtex
1 small piece of wadding/batting
Glue - I used both Aileen's Crystal Clear Tacky Spray and Aileen's Quick Dry Tacky (not shown in the picture)
Needle and thread
Small hornbook from Image Stitchery Designs (2½" x 2")

Cut the card/skirtex to fit slightly inside the stitched border. 

Spray this card with the Crystal Clear Tacky Spray and place on the wadding/batting. Once this has dried cut around the card

Cut around your stitched piece to leave a ½" margin

Place the card with the batting face down on the back of your stitching and fold this around the card. Mitre the corners before you begin lacing and press. Lace the stitching starting in the middle and working sideways. Repeat to the other end. Lace opposite sides is the same way. When you get to the corners work tiny stitches to close the mitred corners. 

Try to get this as flat as possible. Press again if necessary.

Now spread Eileen's Quick Dry Tacky glue onto the hornbook and place your stitched piece (right side up!) making sure you have even margins all round.

Place pegs around the hornbook and leave to dry. You can also place a weight on top. If any glue squidges out remove it with a cocktail stick before it dries.

You can, if you wish surround your stitching with a twisted cord or any other trim

Although these instructions refer to a 'miniature' hornbook they will, of course, work for any size hornbook

Sew Petite chart is available *here*

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