Wednesday, 27 February 2013
Quaker Pin Wheel


Stitched piece
2 card circles cut to size. I stitched on 40ct linen and my circles measure 1 1/5"
2 circles cut from wadding/batting the same size as the card circles
1 circle of backing fabric - my circle here measures approximately 2½-3"
Glue - I used Aileen's Quick Dry Tacky as this dries clear
Needle and thread (I used Nymo thread)
Decorative pins

Glue the wadding/batting circles to the card circles and leave to dry. I put a weight on top to ensure they stick evenly

Cut your stitched piece out the same size as the backing fabric. Taking a needle and thread run stitches around the edges of both your stitched piece and the same with the backing fabric 

Place the card with batting against the fabric and in the centre and then pull tight so the fabric gathers around the card and tie

Even out the fabric and then lace tightly in a circular fashion. Try to get the fabrics to lay as close to the card as possible to get a really flat finish

When you are satisfied that your stitching is centred and both pieces are laced tightly and as flat as possible, put glue onto the wrong side/laced sides of both cards leaving a small gap to the outside edge as the glue will squidge out slightly when you put the sides together

Place wrong (glued) sides together and place pegs around the circles and leave to dry. Make sure the edges are held together tightly. If any glue squidges out remove it with a cocktail stick before it dries

Once the glue is dry, evenly space the pins around the wheel - 3 more to go in here. 

If you are not happy with the edges, you can cover this with narrow ribbon, twisted cord or any decorative trim

Voila - three little Quaker pinwheels - A, B and C! 

Sew a Quaker Pinwheel chart is available *here*

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